About the Institute

In 1993, John McMichael, a Ph.D. immunologist and virologist, founded Milkhaus Laboratory, Inc. (MLI), a for-profit biopharmaceutical company specializing in low-dosage medicines for treating a broad spectrum of chronic illnesses. MLI completed several successful FDA, USDA, and IRB-authorized clinical evaluations of products for the treatment of respiratory, urologic, and oncologic disorders. In each of these studies, the only adverse events were at placebo level, meaning that subjects in the experimental groups experienced negative responses at levels commensurate with the control groups. In other words, the adverse effects could not be attributed to the experimental formulations. In great measure, this success can be attributed to Dr. McMichael's long-standing professional network which allows for the unusually efficientdiscovery and evaluation of potential new therapeutic products.

Characterizing the success of this approach, MLI’s patent position led to a licensing agreement with Élan Corporation, plc, a multi-national pharmaceutical company. Under that agreement, Élan obtained rights to MLI’s intellectual property relating to the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Élan then embodied that technology in FDA-authorized clinical trials which are in progress. Early results have appeared in the scientific and popular presses.

Reflecting its diversity, in late 2003 MLI spun off its veterinary subsidiary to form an independent corporation, Milkhaus Veterinary Products, Inc. (MVP).* MVP completed a successful USDA-authorized evaluation of its product LDI-100 for the treatment of mast cell tumors in dogs with results published in the American Journal of Veterinary Research.1 MVP has also conducted trials for the treatment of kennel cough in dogs and heaves (respiratory distress), reproductive disorders, and connective tissue disorders in horses.

In 2004, the MLI Board of Directors decided to focus the company’s efforts toward nutraceutical products of botanical origin. Dr. McMichael then founded Beech Tree Labs, Inc. (BTL), a for-profit biopharmaceutical company, in order to continue his efforts in developing a range of prescription therapeutic candidates.* MLI has since licensed the bulk of its intellectual property to BTL, augmenting the patents held by BTL. This ever-expanding portfolio currently consists of more than 100 issued patents and twice that number of patents pending worldwide, and reflects the novel Resonant Molecular Signaling (RMS) platform.

To accelerate this and related research into new frontiers, in 2003 Dr. McMichael created The Institute for Therapeutic Discovery with a mission to explore fundamental, physiological and psychological processes common to a variety of recognized approaches to healing. Primary areas of this effort currently include investigations pertaining to the placebo response, energy medicine, and sub-molecular processes of RMS agents.

* For information on the Institute's sister, for-profit biopharmaceutical companies, please visit the websites of Beech Tree Labs, Inc., and Milkhaus Veterinary Products, Inc.